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Plagiarism scrutiny has now evolved to the point where even a minute indiscretion can raise red flags. Colleges, universities and employers are increasingly taking a tough stance on any and all plagiarised material, as they should. So, how does one navigate this potential minefield of mistakes without breaking the bank or consuming too much time?

CheckForPlagiarism.net not only provides in-depth plagiarism checking with guaranteed results (read more), but also offers a unique opportunity to get your papers professionally corrected, proofread, and written.

CheckForPlagiarism.net - Plagiarism Correction Service
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Plagiarism is a serious crime! turnaround that copied paper through Professional level Corrections!
CheckForPlagiarism.net - Professional Plagiarism Correction Service
Service Features
  • All documents are corrected with Track Changes option enabled in MS-Word. This gives you an opportunity to review and verify amendments made by the writers before accepting them.
  • Re-writing of your document to eradicate all instances of detected plagiarism.
  • Improving writing flow of the document for easy readability.
  • Enhancement of vocabulary used.
    Spellings, grammar, punctuation checking, etc.
  • Citation and Reference verification, correction and addition.
Service Guarantee100% Plagiarism Free Delivery
Backed by our patented plagiarism checking technology all papers are guaranteed to be 100% plagiarism free. Plagiarism reports will be provided upon paper delivery.
Terms & Conditions

Our Pledge: Your document will be kept in the strictest confidence and will not be shared with or sold to any third party. Your privacy is guaranteed.

  • Only English Language papers can be submitted.
  • *Average turnaround times (estimates only, please contact us for details):

5,000 words or less (48-hrs).

5,000 ~ 10,000 words (72-hrs).

10,000+ words (96-hrs).